Friday, 2 December 2011

Malice In Wonderland

Ever wonder what would happen if an Albuquerque-based troupe of drag queens (is troupe the collective noun for drag queens? A Minnelli? A stiletto?) decided to make a filthy version of Alice In Wonderland, combined with The Wizard Of Oz and Mommy Dearest? Yeah, me neither.
'The Dolls' have though, and on November 8th, The Guild Cinema will be exposing you to the same insanity that I experienced tonight.

A VERY adult retelling of Alice In Wonderland with too many references and homages to mention starts off with "Nanny Dearest", portrayed with machiavellian glee by Tequila Mockyngbyrd, being called to a house to deal with the overly-precocious (and worryingly pretty) Alice, played by A.J. Carian, who smokes, drinks, and does other things an innocent ten year old shouldn't be involving herself with.
After having to put up with Alice's bad behavior and constant use of those damned wire hangers, Nanny has no choice but to flush her down the loo, into Wonderland.

In Wonderland, Alice is invited to the Red Queen's orgy, and while following a 'gangsta' rabbit called White Chocolate, she meets the caterpillar. I'll give you three guesses what long pink object he is dressed as. She also has tea with the mad hatter and meets the dormouse, who has recently become the titmouse, with a huge pair of...well, not doors!
Discovering a Wonderland trailer park, Alice is shocked by two rednecks who reveal themselves to be Trannydum and Trannydee, who argue over how classy you should dress for a visit to Walmart compared to the dollar store.
Finally arriving at the orgy, she is soon adopted by the Red Queen (also played by Tequila) but is tricked, once again, into using wire hangers, for which the queen puts Alice on trial. Sentenced to death by beheading, using a guillotine made with a wire hanger instead of a blade, Alice seems ready to meet her doom. As for what happens in the end, I'll let you find that out for yourself.

I have a real soft spot for movies with a budget that the director found down the back of the sofa, and with a hand-drawn background on a green screen at all times this movie really fits that bill. The juxtaposition of such a childish whimsical background on which characters are chasing each other brandishing magic golden dildos adds to the bizarreness and insanity, and is enough to leave you in a fit of giggles.
To use a cliche, this movie is not big, nor is it clever, but if you're not easily offended, you'll get a kick out of it.

And if there is anyone reading this who was involved in the film, especially in the music department, then genuinely, well done for the song "Wonderland". It is of such high-quality, I wouldn't be surprised to hear it in a 'real' Alice movie, let alone a spoof!

My final verdict? It is one hell of an acquired taste. There are going to be a lot of people who don't enjoy the crude tasteless humor, but I think it deserves a chance for originality alone.

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